3 reasons the coffee you brew at home does not taste like the coffee house.

Many people choose to brew their coffee at home instead of spending the money everyday to go to large chain coffee house. The problem is that they can never get the coffee they brew at home to taste as good. There are several key variables that contribute to good or bad tasting coffee.

Grind: The grind of the coffee is immensely important to how the coffee tastes. If the coffee is ground too course then the water will run through the grounds too fast and you will have weak tasting coffee. If the grind is too fine then the coffee will stay in the filter too long and you will have very strong and bitter tasting coffee. If you buy your coffee at a local chain then it is best to tell the barista what kind of filter that you use and they should know how best to grind the beans to get the maximum flavor.

Water: Many people might not know that the water that you use can have an effect on how your water tastes. Many of the large chain coffee houses as well as the locally owned coffee houses will use filtered water in their brewers and espresso machines in order to get the best flavor. In order to get the best flavor out of the coffee you brew at home you should never use water out of the tap. Many of the newer refrigerators will have a dispenser for filtered water. If you do not have this feature it is a good idea to buy an inexpensive water filter to use when brewing coffee. You will be able to tell a difference in the taster of you coffee.

Freshness: The freshness of the beans that you are using can have a drastic effect on how your coffee will taste. If you grind an entire bag of coffee at the same time, it is a best practice that you use the entire bag within at least ten days. If you do not go through coffee that fast you can store your beans in an air tight container. This should help the beans last longer. Do Not store your beans in the freezer. One of the main enemies against the freshness of beans is moisture. When you put your coffee beans in the freezer, moisture will develop on the them, and they will lose their freshness. The best way to guarantee the freshness of your beans is to keep them stored in a air tight container and only grind as much as you need at the time. This will require that you buy your own grinder.

All of these tips will guarantee that your cup of coffee that you brewed at home will taste as good as the ones you buy from the local coffee house.

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