3 ways to keep calm when things don't go as planned on your wedding day.

Every bride dreams of what they want their wedding day to be like. They picture every aspect of their wedding being executed flawlessly with no problems arising. While this is great in theory, it is not reality. Problems occur during weddings. Whether it is the weather that does not cooperate during an outdoor wedding, the power going off in the church an hour before the ceremony starts, or a wardrobe malfunction, problems are bound to happen on your big day. It is how you deal with those problems that define whether or not your day is ruined. How do you keep calm when things go awry on your wedding day? Here are a few tips for keeping your cool.

Problems will happen - The first tip is to realize that there may be problems on your wedding day even with the most thorough planning. Many brides have it in their mind from the get go that their wedding is going to be perfect. When things go wrong, they lose their cool. If you go in with the mindset that problems may arise, then you are able to keep your cool when things do go wrong. You are able to keep a level head and work to solve the problems that arise, if they are solvable.

Ask for help - It also a good idea to have someone around you that you trust, who can help you make quick decisions to fix problems. Whether that is the wedding planner or a trusted friend, you need someone who is not involved in the wedding to help you keep a level head and to make quick decisions when problems arise. This takes the pressure off of you and helps you to focus on other things.

Remember what's most important - Even with all the planning there are still things that may happen on your wedding day that cannot be fixed. My wedding was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony at a historic home. The ceremony was interrupted by a tornado that touched down a few miles from the venue before the wedding started. All of the guests had to take cover in the basement. The torrential downpour lasted over an hour. We ended up having the ceremony in the reception tent. The rain was coming down so hard, you could barely hear what anyone was saying. My bride was able to keep a level head and took everything that happened that day in stride. It was because she knew that in the end, after all the planning, we were going to be married. Nothing could stop that, not even a tornado. No matter what happens on your wedding day or leading up to it, when all is said and done you will become husband and wife. No problem can change that fact.

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