4 Foods You Can Cook On A Stick At A Bonfire.

The weather is getting colder outside and in the coming months people will be spending more time outside doing fall related activities. The most popular of these activities is cooking around a bonfire. The following is a list of the best things that you can grill on a stick at a bonfire besides a hot dog or marshmallows.

Biscuits - The best way to cook a biscuit over on open flame is to buy the biscuits that unroll. You can wrap it easily around the stick so that it will cook well. If you buy the canned biscuits that are rounded, you can pound them down into a thin strip and then wrap them around the end of a stick. Cook the biscuits the same way that you would cook a marshmallow, slowly turning the stick until the biscuit is golden brown. Add sausage or jam after it is cooked to add some flavor.

Bacon - As a southerner, I would say that there is never an occasion where bacon is not welcome. This is especially true at a bonfire. Bacon will wrap easily around any stick and can be cooked over a fire quickly. Remember that bacon can burn easily, so be careful as to how long you hold it over the fire.

Grilled Cheese - If you are going to try this over a fire you are going to need a special stick, preferably one that has several branches that creates a fork. Get your grilled cheese ready to go by adding your cheese and butter to the bread. You can also add other things like tomato, bacon or avocado to give it some flavor. Place your grilled cheese sandwich on the forked branch and let it cook. When the bottom side is done carefully switch it over to the other side. Be careful that the bread is not cooking faster that the cheese is melting.

Sausage and Vegetable Kabobs - This idea might work better on the metal skewers that people use to roast things, but I am confident you could also use a very skinny stick. Place the cut up sausage pieces and the vegetables on the skewer in any order that you want. Roast it over the fire until both are thoroughly cooked and you will have a meal fit for a king.

These are just a few ideas of foods that you can cook while having a bonfire. Try out some of these unique ideas and let us know how it worked out. If you have any new ideas for food you can cook over an open fire that were not mentioned, you can let us know what those are. We would love to hear from you.

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