4 fun Easter activities besides an Easter egg hunt.

Many families, churches, and civic organizations plan an Easter egg hunt for kids to celebrate the holiday. While an Easter egg hunt is a fun tradition, it is a good idea to add new and exciting games for Easter. We are providing four alternative games to help children and adults have fun this Easter season.

Easter egg roll - An Easter egg roll involves hard boiled eggs. Once they have been hard boiled, the participants can decorate them any way that they choose. Participants then take their decorated eggs to a driveway that preferably is on a hill. They take turns rolling their eggs down the hill. The person whose egg travels the farthest without breaking apart wins. There is a considerable amount of clean up that has to take place when the game is finished considering that most of the eggs will disintegrate when rolled.

Egg and spoon race - There are several variations of this game that you can play. You can use either raw or hard boiled eggs when playing this game. Participants will put a spoon in their mouth handle first and then put the egg in the spoon. When you say "go" participants will run along a designated course. If you are using raw eggs and the egg drops and breaks, they must return to the start line and begin again with a new egg. If you choose to use hard boiled eggs and they drop the egg, they will pick up the egg and start again from where it dropped. Participants must keep the egg on the spoon for the entire race. The first one to finish the race with their egg still on their spoon wins.

Pin the tail on the Easter bunny - This game is a twist on the popular game that many have played at parties. It will involve making a cardboard cut-out of a bunny and fashioning a tail by gluing cotton balls together. You can then attach a pin or a piece of tape to the "tail" so that the kids can attach the tail to the cut-out of the bunny. You then blind fold the kids, spin them around if you like, and watch as they try to attach the tail to the bunny.

Egg toss - This game involves using raw eggs and can be messy. If the participants are wearing nice clothes you may want them to change, or you can provide trash bags that have cut-outs for their heads and arms they can slip on. Divide up into teams of two and have them stand across from each other about two feet apart. The participants take turns tossing the egg to each other. When one person tosses it to the other they will both take one step backwards. This makes the distance between them and the chances that the egg breaks greater. This last team standing with their egg still intact wins the game.

These ideas provide some great alternatives to the traditional Easter egg hunt. Be sure to try some of these new games on Easter Sunday.

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