Action Station Ideas For Your Next Event

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your next catered event, then look no further than an action station. Whether you are planning a wedding or a corporate banquet, action stations can add new life to your event. For those who are not familiar with action stations, they are stations that are usually set up in an area by itself where a chef is preparing fresh food by request or where guests can make their own food.

Action stations are fun because guests can see their food being made, or they can participate in making a dish for themselves. Several actions stations can be set up around a room and can encourage people to move around and engage in conversation instead of standing in a line waiting to go through a buffet. The following are a few examples of action stations that are popular choices for events.

Omelet - Omelet stations are very popular for breakfast and brunch events. I went to a wedding once that was scheduled for later in the morning. The reception was a brunch menu, and they provided a omelet station for everyone. A chef is there to make you a fresh, made to order omelet with whatever ingredients you desire. Omelet stations are not just a great idea for weddings. Corporate or small business events can be right for an omelet station.

Pasta - Pasta stations are very elaborate and can let a guest choose whatever kind of pasta and sauce they desire. This type of action station gives many choices to guest who don't just want one kind of dish.

Bananas Foster - Bananas Foster is one of the more popular dessert action stations that is not a chocolate fountain. This is because of the way that the dish is cooked. The entire dessert is cooked in front of the guest and there is an open flame when it is being cooked. The dessert consists of bananas flambéed in a sweet butter rum sauce and served over vanilla ice cream. You will enjoy eating this dessert as much as you enjoy watching it being made.

Carving Station - The most popular way to distribute meat during an event is to have it carved and placed on a plate for the guest. This can be done with all types of meat from beef tenderloin, pork tenderloin, ham, or turkey.

These are just a few example of the many action stations that Simply Delicious Catering can offer at your next event. For all of our choices you can visit our website and take a look at our menu options. Whether you are planning a wedding or a business banquet, action stations are the perfect way to accentuate your next event.

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