Fun Activities For Your Guests At Your Wedding

There are a lot of events crammed into the time between the ceremony and the bride and groom send off at a wedding. Many times there are periods where guests are just standing around with nothing to do.

This is mostly when a couple decides to take their wedding pictures. Many couples choose to have a cocktail hour during this period filling it with an open bar and hors d'vours for the guests. A cocktail hour, however, is not the only activity that can be used to kill time before the reception. The following are a few ideas for fun things to do to keep your guests entertained during a lull in your wedding day.

Outdoor Games - If your wedding and reception are already outside then this provides a seamless transition from one event to the other. Everyone loves playing lawn games, and it is a great way to make the time fly by while you are taking pictures. My wife and I set up corn hole and ladder ball games for our guests to play while we were posing for pictures. Other examples of games you can play at your wedding are badminton, horseshoes, and croquet. You have to remember that your guests are going to be dressed nice, so you do not want to set up any games that are going to require a lot of physical assertion. You don't want your guest showing up to the reception worn out and sweaty.

Photo Booth - One of the most popular trends in weddings recently has been photo booths. You hire a company to come in and set up the photo booth. Then you can let your guests go wild. Providing props for your guests to use in their photos adds another dimension to this idea. The machine will usually print out a copy of the pictures for your guests to take home. There is usually an option for guests to order copies of photos off of the company's website. Some examples of companies here in the Triangle that offer photo booths are Epic Photo Booth Company, Celebration Photo Booth, and Shutterbooth. Performing a simple Google search for photo booths will bring up multiple results for you to choose from.

Candy Station - Personally, one of the most fun parts of my wedding was the candy station we had se up for our guests and us. We had choices of our favorite candies from when we were kids, and we consumed them like kids. A few examples of some candy items that are popular are Blow Pops, Double Bubble Gum, Fun Dip, and Twizzlers. We offered Moon Pies because they are made in my home town and sunflower seeds because we knew that many of our guests would enjoy them. Choose your favorite candies and snacks from your childhood, buy them in bulk at your local box store, and let your guest feast on them during the down time at your wedding.

These are just a few ideas for fun things to entertain your guests at your wedding. The most fun that I've had have been at weddings that provide outlets for people to congregate, socialize, and have fun together. If you are planning a wedding in the future, we hope that you will consider Simply Delicious for all of your catering needs. Check out our wedding menu on our website at You can also check out our Facebook page to see some pictures of weddings we've catered over the past year.

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