Fun Games To Play At Your Wedding Reception

Games are becoming a very popular addition to many wedding receptions. There is usually time in between the ceremony and the start of the reception that needs to be filled while pictures are being taken. While you and your significant other are off taking memorable pictures, here are a few game ideas to help pass the time:

Corn Hole and Ladder Toss: These games are staples at cook outs and tailgating parties. They adapt seamlessly to a wedding reception. They usually work better for a reception held outdoors during the summer months. They are both games that multiple people can play without getting hot and sweaty if the weather is sweltering. I had both of these games at my wedding and people loved them. Both games were perfect ways to pass the time while we were taking pictures. You can find both games at many of your local sporting good stores. If you are looking to save money, these games can can be made with supplies from you local hardware store.

Trivia Games: I went to a wedding once where we played a game to see how well each table knew the bride and groom. There were 10 questions that were asked about the bride and groom and each person wrote down their answer. The answers were given at the end and the highest score from each table won that tables center piece. The center pieces at this particular wedding were birdcages with flowers on the inside. Someone at each table got to take home a really good prize and the bride had one less thing to worry about cleaning up.

It is a long standing tradition at wedding receptions that when you want the bride and groom to kiss, guests will take the silverware on the table and lightly hit their cup. This can lead to a lot of noise during the reception and maybe even a broken glass or two. There is an alternative that will make your guests have to work to see you and your significant other kiss. It us usually a good idea to give several options to choose from to earn a kiss. One example would be that an entire table has to come out onto the dance floor and perform a dance to earn a kiss. Another option to get a kiss out of couple can be that a guest has to hula hoop for 30 seconds on the dance floor. Have fun coming up with your own challenges for you guests to complete to earn a kiss.

These are just a few examples of some games you can play at your reception to entertain your guests. A few other games that are fun at wedding receptions are burlap sack races, horseshoes, badminton, or bocci ball. Try out some of these games or choose some of your own to make your reception a fun experience for all. If you are looking for a caterer for you wedding reception, we hope that you will consider Simply Delicious Catering. We have preset menus available or we can work with you to create your own menu. We will do all the work while you have all the fun. Check out our menu options on our website at

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