Holiday Traditions You Can Start With Your Family

Family traditions are one of the most fun aspects of the holidays. Spending time with family members making memories are what the holidays are all about.

I can fondly remember some of the family traditions we started when I was a kid that have been passed down and adopted by my family. The following are a few traditions you can start with your family this upcoming Christmas.

Get Your Tree From A Tree Farm - It might be easier to buy a fake tree from a store, but nothing is more exciting and fun than going to pick out a tree at a local tree farm. Searching for the perfect tree for you and your family to decorate together is the perfect way to start off the holiday season. Keep in mind if you are going to buy a real tree that they do shed their needles. They can also have a lot of sap on them, and they have to be watered.

Make Homemade Ornaments For The Tree - A great craft project for you and your family to do is to make your own personalized ornaments for your tree. An example would be to take individual pictures of each member of the family and make an ornament with the year on it. This is a great way to see how your children grow from year to year. After a few years you will have enough ornaments to cover an entire tree.

Enjoy A Family Breakfast On Christmas Day - Getting up early on Christmas morning and opening presents can make family members extremely hungry. After all the presents were opened and everything was cleaned up, we would sit around the table and have a huge breakfast. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, gravy, toast, and biscuits were always on the menu. We stuffed ourselves until we could not eat another bite. This tradition will always be etched in my mind. Start your own holiday breakfast this Christmas.

Drive Around Your Neighborhood And Look At Decorated Houses - There are always houses that go all out with their decorations during the holiday season. As a kid, we used to pile into the car as a family and try to find the houses with the best decorations. This led to lots of laughter and talking during the drive. I will always cherish the memories of this time spend with family. Do some research and find out where the best houses are in your neighborhood and enjoy the view.

Allow Children To Open One Present On Christmas Eve - This idea might not work if you have children who believe that Santa is bringing them all of their presents. If this is the case and you try this idea, you will have to tell them the gift is from you. Nothing gets a kids excitement level up than knowing that they get to open a gift early. It will leave them wishing it was Christmas morning.

All of these are great ideas for ways to start your own family traditions. You can try some of these or come up with your own ideas. Remember that most family traditions are meant to be a time for family to grow closer together. As long as your family is spending time together this Christmas, traditions and memories are being made.

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